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Piercing/Stretching Information

This page has been created because we’ve received quite a few questions about piercings and stretching.  We want our customers to be equipped with the most accurate information possible because we value your health and safety!    The first step of deciding to get a body modification (piercing or tattoo) should be to educate yourself as much as possible.  The FAQ section of the Association of Professional Piercers website is a good place to start.

Please note that this page should NEVER serve as a substitute for consulting with a professional piercer.

Do you guys do piercings?

No, at our Richmond location we are not equipped to perform piercings in a safe and sanitary manner.

Where can I get a piercing?

It’s both a blessing and a curse that Richmond has so many tattoo and piercing parlors.  While there are a lot of reputable businesses that can perform your body modification of choice, there are also a lot of bad ones.  Be sure to make an informed decision about where you will get your piercing or tattoo.  Enigma Studios is usually a good place to start and it’s only two blocks from the shop.

DO NOT go to any place that will pierce you with a piercing gun!  These are illegal in some states and can be dangerous.  Locations that pierce with guns sometimes require as little as 10-15 minutes of training to be considered “qualified” to pierce.  Click here or here for more on the dangers of piercing guns.

Do you sell self-piercing kits?

No.  As always, we recommend going to a professional piercer.

How do I stretch my ears?

That, my friend, is a topic I could write a book about, but here are some helpful links to get you started: