Our Brands

There’s so much CBD out there right now, but that doesn’t mean all of it is quality!  The FDA still does not regulate CBD, so it’s up to CBD brands to set the bar for quality.  We’ve hand-picked some of the best CBD brands for you to try and love, based on lab testing, product reviews, and personal experience.

CBD brand lab reports and ingredients lists coming soon!

The Island Dyes Difference

We’ve seen some stuff… some sketchy stuff. These are just a few of the issues we’ve seen personally, heard about, and read about with other CBD retailers. Some of these issues only came up after extensive research and review of lab testing.

Other CBD Retailers Island Dyes
Significantly less CBD in product than advertised Letting you know if a product contains less CBD than advertised, or not carrying it altogether
Additional, sometimes dangerous “natural” ingredients without any warning Doing our best to inform you if a CBD product contains an allergen, animal products, or ingredients that could be harmful
White label products No white label products unless we are able to verify their quality through lab testing
Lack of lab testing available Lab testing for all products
Paid product reviews We don’t get money from CBD companies to push their products (and we don’t work on commission, either!)
Unsealed product able to be tampered with before sale Ensuring our products come in appropriate, tamper-proof packaging
Claims that sound too good to be true Being honest with you about CBD; it doesn’t work the same for everyone, but we hope it works for you!