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  • Height approx. 14”
  • Main body 45mm
  • 3 Harmonic percs – Showerhead to coupled ratchets
  • Stemless
  • 18mm Female joint
  • 18mm Push slide
  • Foot width approx. 4.5”
  • Ice pinch
  • Flame polished

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Product Description

Some things are made to amaze.  Ask any surfer what tube he’d like to be in and he would say Teah’poo, the Tahitian Titan.  The sea upends itself and detonates creating a crush of water that would make Poseidon piss.   A showerhead in 45mm boro levitates the blue abyss into twin ratchets, which further send you into the aqua hole.   Only Experts should paddle out into this force of nature.  You’ll be self-head hunting with too much use, don’t go native!

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